Basil Marin

Educator. Mentor. Champion.


I am Dr. Basil Marin and I believe whole-heartedly that I was placed on this earth to help young scholars who have the mentality that they will never amount to anything. Too easily our underserved youth believe the societal lies that they will never be successful or have access to quality educational experiences.

In high school, I had a special mentor, Dr. Cheryl Talley, who dedicated a great deal of her time to help me to excel in education. While the administration of my high school was satisfied just to see a black male graduate, Dr. Talley emphasized the importance of education beyond the classroom and a high school diploma. Through her encouragement and guidance, I realized that an advanced degree would offer me more opportunities and a chance to succeed in life. With Dr. Talley’s encouragement, I became the first generation in my family to attend college, becoming a trailblazer for my younger siblings, leading the way to new opportunities. It was because of the impact that Dr. Talley had in my life that I even obtained a bachelor’s degree and soon after a master’s degree. I strive every day to have the same impact on students’ lives as Dr. Talley did for me in high school.

I formerly worked as an Emotionally Disturbed (ED) Special Education Teacher for Southeastern Cooperative Educational Program (SECEP), a regional public alternative day school. In 2017, I graduated from Old Dominion University (ODU)’s Educational Specialist Program (Ed.S.), with a concentration in Administration & Supervision PK-12. I recently completed the Executive Ph.D. program in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University.  I am one of the proud assistant principals at Chamblee Charter High School, a diverse high school located in Atlanta, Georgia. As an administrator,  I work hard to foster equitable learning environments and supporting spaces where students and teachers are valued and respected.  I am intentional in my daily practices in regards to being approachable and consistent support for my students. I work daily to build meaningful relationships with students and becoming the administrator I needed when I was growing up and did not have access to.  I am honored to be a part of the Bulldog nation administrative team and we are dedicated to developing productive and responsible citizens through challenging and rewarding learning experiences.

As an educator, I am able to touch the lives of many students who have fallen through the cracks of the current broken educational system. As a mentor, I am able to assist other individuals who are following the same educational track as myself. A good leader is always striving to improve one’s self. A great leader not only improves himself but also brings other individuals with them to the next level of success. Those who know me well, know that I am always ready to give a helping hand or to make sure that others’ needs are met. I choose to be a “Champion” as opposed to a “Victim”. Those who see FAILURE as a dead end will never accomplish any success. Henry Ford said it best, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently!” I hope that you will continue to reach for your dreams and ambitions. My motto is, “The sky’s the limit, don’t limit the sky.” Philippians 4:13